Top Tips for Making a Preschool Classroom Exciting

9 December 2020
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Mind block can be frustrating for any preschool teacher. It makes it hard to develop new ideas, which create unique and exciting experiences in a classroom. Most preschool teachers do not know that finding exciting classroom ideas is not as difficult as it seems. This article highlights tips for making a preschool class interesting for your students every day. Invite Interesting People  Sometimes, preschool teachers admit that they cannot do it all alone. Read More 

Is your child in need of a kindergarten?

16 October 2020
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For the first few years of your child's life, you may be content to keep them close to you and care for them throughout the day, but you know that eventually, things will change. There must come a time when you let your child experience more time away from the care of their parents. Every child needs to be in full-time schooling by the time that they are six, but in most cases, you will want them to be used to spending time away from you before that. Read More 

Beyond Academics: 3 More Lessons an Early Learning Centre Should Teach Your Toddler

27 December 2019
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Sending your little one to an early learning centre isn't just about giving them a foundational knowledge of literacy and numeracy in preparation for the school years. There are so many more lessons your toddler needs to become a well-rounded child, and their early learning centre should be the one to teach them. Here are three of the most important things your child should be learning. How to Be Part of a Community Read More 

When is the Best Time of Day For Your Child to See Their Tutor?

29 March 2019
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If your child needs extra help with their core subjects like English or Maths, then you may have decided to get them a tutor. To make the most of this experience, it's important to schedule lessons carefully. You want your child to get as much as possible out of their tutoring lessons without overtiring or overtaxing them. So when's the best time of day for your child to see their tutor? Read More 

Cheap Ways to Keep the Kids Busy This Summer

12 September 2017
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Keeping the little ones busy this summer can be hard work. Their constant need for entertainment can quickly wear you out. If the shrill cries of "I'm bored!" are threatening to drive you insane, check out these easy and cheap ways to amuse the kids this summer. If your child enjoys a day spent in the great outdoors, why not let them try their hand at gardening? If you have the space for it and they have the motivation, it could prove to be an inexpensive way to keep the kids occupied. Read More