How To Choose A High School

6 February 2023
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Choosing a high school can be pretty nerve-wracking. In most cases, you have different schools to choose from. Below is the ultimate high school choosing guide. 

Day Versus Boarding  

Do you intend to enrol your child in a day or boarding school? Each arrangement has its unique benefits. Therefore, you should conduct a cost-benefit analysis to help you establish a suitable arrangement. Day high schools allow parents to spend more time with their kids. For instance, you can easily track their academic performance since you have access to their coursework and homework. Moreover, you can help your child as they prepare for exams. It goes a long way in boosting their confidence as they tackle exams. Day high schools also allow your child to explore their interests. For instance, if your child is a musician, they can play during the weekends. 

Boarding high schools have numerous benefits. For instance, your child spends more hours in class without any distractions. Moreover, the arrangement helps learners develop critical life skills such as independence and resilience. In the absence of the parent, a child has to make essential decisions concerning their social networks, hygiene and academics. This goes a long way in helping them grow their resilience. For instance, they learn how to cope with disappointment and failure without seeking refuge from their parents. 

School Performance

How does your preferred high school perform? There are two metrics to gauge a school's performance; academic and extra-curricular activities. Academics are at the core of the high school curriculum. As such, you should consider institutions with excellent academic performance. Ideally, the school should offer a competitive that prompts students to outdo themselves in class. You should also examine the experience, certifications and personality of the teachers at the facility. Ideally, the teaching staff should comprise individuals motivated to mould teens into responsible members of society. 

Does the school engage in extra-curricular activities? Besides academics, teenagers are open to exploring sports, drama, music and art. It gives them a much-needed break from class activities. The golden rule is to consider schools that excel in activities that interest your child. For instance, if your teenager enjoys rugby, consider schools that excel in high school rugby tournaments. Conversely, if they are interested in drama, choose a school with renowned drama teachers. 

The school's mission statement and tradition significantly impact the learners. Consequently, examine these factors and check whether they align with your family's belief systems. Finally, check the school rules and fees. 

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