6 Things You Can Do to Support Your Child During High School Enrolment

12 January 2022
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This article details 6 things you can do to support your child during high school enrolment.

1. Read up on the school

It would help if you researched the school your child is hoping to attend. Learning more about the school and its programs will help your child make the right choices. Doing research can also help with any questions or concerns you may have as a parent later down the road. If there is more than one high school in your area, look into them all!

2. Prepare and plan

Even though your child might not be looking forward to summer break ending and starting high school, no one knows what will happen until term starts. So have your child write down important information such as their phone number and address and keep it in a safe place (like their backpack). Along with that, have them plan out how they will get home from school.

3. Encourage your child

The year is going to fly by, and before they know it, it'll be the summertime again. There's a lot of good that comes with high school: new friends, independence and lots of learning! So make sure you're there to support them when needed and encourage your child to aim for their goals.

4. Be available

Enrolment is the first step towards adulthood, so make yourself available so you can guide and help them find their way. Going to high school means if they need help studying or balancing assignments between work/life, you're there for them. Like in elementary school, this will help foster an important bond between parent and child. 

5. Talk about their passions

Talking with your child and discovering what they are passionate about can help them to identify which classes they should enrol in. For example, if your kid loves painting and drawing, they might want to see whether the school offers art and design classes. Knowing your child's passion and helping them follow through with it will also achieve a sense of success and independence.

6. Be curious

Keeping in touch with their child's high school can seem like a stretch for parents who are always busy or on the go. Reach out and get involved by asking questions about programs that interest your child or attending open houses for potential courses your child could take after graduation.

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