Beyond Academics: 3 More Lessons an Early Learning Centre Should Teach Your Toddler

27 December 2019
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Sending your little one to an early learning centre isn't just about giving them a foundational knowledge of literacy and numeracy in preparation for the school years. There are so many more lessons your toddler needs to become a well-rounded child, and their early learning centre should be the one to teach them. Here are three of the most important things your child should be learning.

How to Be Part of a Community

A sense of belonging is essential for everyone, from adults to children. At their early learning centre, your child should be learning how to build relationships, who to build them with, how relationships vary between children an adults and many more aspects of being part of a community. There are many ways an early learning centre can teach your child how to create relationships with others and how to get along as part of a group. Teachers can help your child make and keep friends, showing them how to share, resolve disagreements and generally get along. They can also teach your toddler what a teacher-child relationship should look like by providing emotional and learning support and encouraging your little one to share their thoughts, feelings and work.

How to Become Their Own Person

Alongside learning to be part of a group, toddlerhood is also a crucial period where children learn to be themselves. A great early learning centre helps foster a sense of individuality and will equip your child with the understanding they need to grow into whoever they want to be. One way teachers do this is by encouraging autonomy. This may include allowing your child to choose how they spend their free time as well as teaching a broad range of activities so children can develop their own interests.

How to Achieve Any Goal

Education is all about aspiring towards knowledge and understanding and then working towards gaining and mastering it. As such, alongside teaching your child that knowledge, an early learning centre should also teach your child how to achieve their goals—academic and otherwise. For toddlers, this often means constantly introducing new experiences and activities theatchallenge their capabilities. After your child masters the art of grasping large objects, for example, a teacher may begin teaching them how to hold and manipulate smaller objects like pens. Teachers at early learning centres can also teach your little one how to conquer their goals by letting them explore and play at their own pace as well as by setting boundaries and milestones.