When is the Best Time of Day For Your Child to See Their Tutor?

29 March 2019
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If your child needs extra help with their core subjects like English or Maths, then you may have decided to get them a tutor. To make the most of this experience, it's important to schedule lessons carefully.

You want your child to get as much as possible out of their tutoring lessons without overtiring or overtaxing them. So when's the best time of day for your child to see their tutor?

Early Morning Lessons

People often learn well early in the morning. They are refreshed and — if they've had breakfast — fuelled to learn.

So, an early morning lesson may suit some children because it taps into their energy, meaning they'll learn more effectively.

It also uses free time that they may not otherwise need to fill with anything else. This can be a good lesson time for early risers who have plenty of time between getting up and going to school.

However, early morning lessons may not be such a good option for kids who aren't at their best at first thing. If your child likes to stay in bed until the last minute and isn't that alert when they get up, then this time of day may not work for them.

After-School Lessons

Post-school lessons are often popular with some children and parents. Children are often still in learning mode at this time and may benefit from an additional lesson at the end of the day.

Meeting with a tutor after school can also help consolidate lessons your child has had during the day. For example, if your child is having English tuition, then they may find it helpful to see their English tutor on a day when they have a core English lesson.

However, you do need to think about your child's state of mind and level of tiredness at this time of day. If your child is tired and grumpy after a day at school, then rushing home for a tutoring session may not work for them. They may have switched off.

You can give your child a break to relax after school and before they see their tutor, or think about arranging lessons on days where their school work has been lighter. For example, if they have an afternoon of PE on a certain day, then your child may have more capacity for after-school academic learning on that day due to their increased physical activity.

If you aren't sure yet when best to schedule tutoring sessions, ask your tutor for advice.